Metaio Unveils Object Recognition Solution for Smartwatches


Metaio has unveiled an object recognition solution for smartwatches, using its AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

Users can snap an image with the watchs camera, which is then checked for matches by a paired smartphone, using Metaio visual search technology. The results are then delivered on both devices in different forms, with short-form info on the smartwatch and richer interactive data presented on the smartphone.

“When we gave phones and glasses the ability to see the world around them, it opened up huge opportunities for all kinds of mobile apps”, said Metaio CEO Thomas Alt. “We can see that smartwatches are going be a huge part of the mobile computing revolution, so we wanted to make sure that we could bring the power of computer vision and augmented reality to this form factor.”

Metaio has released a video to demonstrate the technology, which you can watch below, showing a health app which can be used to scan food packages in order to upload nutritional value, plus potential use cases in retail.