metaio Updates junaio Augmented Reality App

metaio has released version 1.5 of its junaio Augmented Reality (AR) application for the iPhone. The new version has enhanced live-view functionalities, new social features, and improved usability.
The enhanced live-view feature uses Google Local Search to display points of interest at locations, such as restaurants and businesses. New Social Features include rating and commenting on scenes generated by other users; the ability to sort scenes by popularity, publish AR scenes to Twitter using Twitpic, and to tag weblinks, text messages and post-it notes in the real world via the junaio website.
Users can also publish content to multiple social networks, and jump to the location on Google maps where the content was published. Metaio has also improved the user interface and increased download speeds.
metaio says the enhancements to the junaio platform will make it easier for users to search for things of interest around them or create their own AR content and share it with others. The company says its goal is to bring AR more prominently into everyday use. Last week, the company announced the opening of its junaio API to developers to encourage additional content creation and other possibilities such as AR gaming.
junaio is all about the user having fun with augmented reality and creating their own content to share with friends or for others to see, says junaio Product Marketing Manager, Lisa Murphy. We have learned a lot from our users in the 1st version and are bringing more features that the users want in 1.5 and in future releases.