metaio Upgrades junaio Browser

metaio has released an upgraded version of its junaio Augmented Reality (AR) browser, offering smartphone users features such as indoor navigation and object tracking, as well as the ability to ‘glue’ correctly scaled and positioned, interactive 3D displays onto objects, writes Martin Conway.

metaio chief technology officer Peter Meier says:  “With release 2.5, we have capped [our technology] with a sleek brand-new graphical user interface and much-improved navigation to help users get at the info they need, as quickly and easily as possible – usually with no more than three clicks.” He also claims that the 2.5 release will serve as a “code base for new things to come”, with further developments to be announced shortly.

junaio’s services were recently called on by the GSM Association to supplement its ad campaign for the February 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. TIME Magazine, Fortune and Wireless Week were among a number of publications to run the AR-enhanced ads, which, when viewed through the junaio browser, show a ‘3D App Planet’ circled by satellites, enabling users to click to retrieve further info regarding the conference.

Other recent projects include the provision of AR-augmented content to US publications amNewYork and Connecticut Magazine (see story here), while Intel reports that it successfully used junaio’s indoor navigation feature to assist attendees of the Intel Developer Forum, hosted in September this year.