Metro Mobile Traffic Leaps 100 Per Cent in Six Months

Metro iPad NewspaperThe Daily Mail Group’s preliminary full year results reveal that 49 per cent of the Metro’s audience now access content via their mobile, around 8.5m of its 17m unique monthly users.

In May, the company said that 4.2m of a total 9.8m users accessed content via mobile, growing by 93 per cent year-on-year. These latest results reveal that its mobile audience has more than doubled in six months alone and mobiles share of usage is growing.

Although overall revenue at Metro declined 10 per cent to £80m year-on-year, digital advertising revenue increased by 44 per cent. The Group’s underlying revenue was up 2 per cent, with operating profit up 6 per cent.

The strategic risk posed by new technologies like mobile, tablet, the cloud and big data, including competitor and consumer usage, will increase going into next year, the company said. This includes falling newspaper readership and associated ad revenues. The Group has committed to the ‘application of state of the art technology’ and ‘fostering innovation to deliver organic growth’.