mGage approved as UK public sector supplier for innovative mobile messaging

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By Nick Millward, VP of Europe, mGage

At a time when the public sector is under increasing pressure as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mobile messaging has never been more important for keeping the public up to date. The innovative mobile messaging solutions offered by mGage have proven to be effective in delivering a range of messages, with high response rates and levels of engagement, which will prove vital in the public sector’s aim to keep people informed. It is a testament to the company’s ability to offer interactive, meaningful communication between consumers and organisations that mGage has been selected as an official supplier as part of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 12 initiative.

Aimed at simplifying the procurement process, mGage’s inclusion makes it easier for national bodies such as councils, the NHS and government agencies and officials to have access to effective mobile messaging solutions and delivery of engaging mobile campaigns. This will prove critical at a time when the public sector is focused on fighting the ongoing pandemic.

The G-Cloud initiative also plays a crucial role in supporting the public sector to achieve maximum value for high-quality services. With the G-Cloud platform accomplishing commercial benefits for the public sector worth over £1bn in the last financial year, mGage will be assisting in the CCS mission to save the taxpayer money, while offering a world-class service.

mGage has extensive experience in delivering the effective, timely and targeted communication that public sector bodies desperately need in the current climate. As two thirds of consumers prefer to receive customer support over a message, as opposed to picking up the phone, it is imperative that organisations can easily access a tool which will allow for the broadcast of informative updates instantly, in a way that people will listen to.

Cost-effective channel
SMS is an extremely cost-effective channel for organisations wanting to reach many people easily and efficiently. With availability on every mobile phone in the world and a 98 per cent open rate, SMS offers an affordable platform that guarantees a vast number of recipients will read the message.

Local councils could utilise SMS to share information regarding local lockdown restrictions to residents living in that area. The NHS could send text messages to vulnerable people warning them to shield, and offering advice. Government agencies such as HMRC could also utilise SMS to alert customers of any account updates, along with notifications to make customers aware of long wait times during periods of high call volumes, and offer an alternative.

The selection of mGage as an official supplier on the G-Cloud platform ensures as many public sector bodies as possible have easy access to a mobile messaging service which will have a major impact on the effectiveness of their communications strategies.