#MGSummit: Coral on Why Twitter Beats Facebook for Gambling Brands

Coral PicOne of the most common – and pressing – questions over brands social presence, and the fans and followers they accumulate, is whether they have any tangible value.

Its a question that Tania Seif, head of social marketing at gambling operator Coral, tackled directly in her presentation at the Mobile Gambling Summit today: “We have over half a million fans, all of whom show a higher propensity to bet with Coral as a result of their involvement with the brand.”

However, the path to conversion isnt a foregone conclusion. “Organic reach on content is low,” said Seif, saying that the average reach of a post is 13 per cent on Twitter, and just six per cent on Facebook. “And in the case of Facebook, that is declining.”

Seif pointed to a test performed by Coral following the iPhone 6 announcement, posting an image joking about Man Utd on both platforms. Despite the content being identical, the content attracted a much higher number of interactions on Twitter than Facebook.

So whats the best way to reach users on these platforms? Well, theres the paid option, of course, or better content that encourages existing fans to become carriers – “I know its a cliché,” said Seif, “but content is king” – but she also pointed to a third option, finding a way to insert your brand into existing conversations on social media.

“Some of our biggest successes have been these conversations, whether its the Royal Baby or the Suarez bite,” said Seif. “But you cant talk about everything. You need to know what works in social media – football, celebrity news – and pick the right events.”