Microsoft all but confirms the death of Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneMicrosoft has more-or-less confirmed the death of Windows 10 Mobile, after a series of tweets from the company’s corporate vice president for Windows, Joe Belfiore, made it clear it was unlikely it would create any new features or hardware for the operating system.

In reply to Windows 10 Mobile fans, Belfiore said that features and hardware “aren’t the focus” but it would continue providing support for the platform via security updates and bug fixes.  

The executive pointed to the company’s struggles in getting app developers onboard. He said that Microsoft tried paying companies to create apps for the platform, in some cases even producing the apps itself when companies couldn’t or wouldn’t get involved. However, the “volume of users is too low for most companies to invest,” and that was the major problem faced. Belfiore confirmed that he himself has switched to Android “for the app/hardware diversity”.

Belfiore’s tweets confirming the company’s current stance follow it ending support for Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this year. Though devices were upgraded to Windows 10, which now seems like it could slowly be heading toward the same fate as its predecessor.