Microsoft introduces chatbots to help brands drive engagement through Bing search

Tyrone Stewart

BingMicrosoft wants to help businesses drive more customer engagement with the introduction of a chatbot extension on its Bing search engine.

The extension enables brands to engage with customers and answer their queries through an AI bot on Bing’s search results page all day, every day. For the time being, Chat Bot Extensions is available in an open beta pilot program, but will become more broadly available later this year.

“As users interact in more conversational ways through voice and search, brands you will reach users in a more natural way through direct conversation, keeping customers informed by asking questions and gaining answers quickly through an intelligent bot,” said Rob Wilk, VP of North American sales at Microsoft Advertising, in a blog post.

“For example, if you are advertising for a cell phone carrier and you know that people often ask questions about upgrading their phone, Bing can answer questions with Chat Bot Extensions right within our main search results page. This service allows advertisers to prompt consumers with questions to help guide them to commonly asked questions and move them toward a purchase.”