Microsoft Gives a Taste of HoloLens Possibilities with Actiongram

HoloLens ActiongramMicrosoft has unveiled one of the first apps for its HoloLens AR/VR platform, Actiongram.

Its an interesting example of how the tech might be used in future, resembling nothing more than a high-tech version of the face-swap apps and filters that are currently popular on mobile.

Actiongram comes with a set of pre-baked holographic content that users can overlay onto their view of the real world, and record the results. Its a little gimmicky, but no more than aforementioned face-swap apps – and those are popular enough that both Snapchat and Facebook have acquired their own.

More importantly, though, Actiongram is intended as a proof of concept. The apps stated purpose, according to Windows Apps Studio corporate VP Kudo Tsunoda, is to “prove the robustness of the HoloLens development platform and the ability for a small team to make a high-quality holographic experience,” and Actiongram was built by a team of five in around six months.

Thats vital, because the first HoloLens development units will begin shipping on 30 March – presumably Microsoft is hoping this will be an inspiration to the developers whose work will ultimately decide whether the HoloLen sinks or swims.