Microsoft Lays Out Details of its Surface Tablets

Microsoft has unveiled its Surface range of Tablets at a press event in Los Angeles. Two versions were shown – the high-powered Pro, which runs on Windows 8, and RT, which, with its OS and low power ARM processors, more closely resembles a Windows Phone device.

The Tablets both come with detachable magnetic covers which can be used to prop the device up, similar to the iPads. The key difference is in their added functionality as keyboard and trackpad, which one cover featuring raised keys that can be depressed. There is also a pen accessory specficially designed to control the devices.

Both devices have a 10.6” screen, nearly an inch larger than the new iPads 9.7” Retina display. The Intel-powered Surface Pro is the larger (13.5mm thick) and heavier (903g) of the two, while the RTs dimensions (9.3mm, 676g) are closer to the iPad new (9.4mm, 652g).

Both versions will offer a choice of memory sizes, with the RT coming in 32GB and 64GB flavours, and the Pro offering up to 128GB.

There is currently no word on release dates or pricing, except that they will be “priced like comparable tablets”.