Microsoft Office Arrives on Android

Microsoft has released its Office Mobile for Android offering paying users of its Office 365 package additional mobile access to the software package. 

After launching the app pre-installed on Windows Phone last year, the company offered the popular software suite to iOS users in June and has now opened it up to Android users too. Users are able to view and edit content created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which is saved in your SkyDrive cloud folder for you to come back to on desktop. The app is compatible with handsets running Android 4.0 or more but, as with iOS, will not be offered in tablet form, as this would create unwanted competition with Microsofts own tablets running Office.

The app comes with nice mobile-ready functions like the Slide Navigator which allows users to quickly swipe through PowerPoint presentations, with Speaker Notes to help you practise presentations. When reviewing Word documents on your phone, the Resume Reading feature takes you to the exact point in the document where you left off.

While the app has proved reasonably popular in the iPhone productivity category, reaching the top 100 in 99 stores across the world, as it is limited to Office 365 subscribers, with no sign of that changing, it is less likely to do serious damage overall.