Microsoft Plans for Massive Wi-fi Network Revealed

microsoft_wifiMicrosoft has been forced to disclose upcoming plans for a huge wi-fi network that will enable consumers to stay online while out and about after accidentally making the preview website live.

The service, called Microsoft Wi-Fi, will supposedly offer “hassle-free internet access around the world”, and be available to mobile, desktop and laptop users, regardless of operating system or device manufacturer.

While the website has since been taken down, it was spotted by a keen-eyed Twitter user and an image was captured by VentureBeat. The website suggested that the service would work across a variety of wi-fi providers worldwide, with the aim of providing users with continuous service no matter where they went.

The service would include an app with an interactive map that would enable users to ensure they stayed within range of wi-fi signal. Initially, the service will only be available to active Skype Wi-fi subscribers, employees of companies and organisations with Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise, and a selected small number of other customers.

Skype Wi-fi is an existing service offered by Microsoft that enables users to get online at over 2m wi-fi hotspots across the globe, paying for the connecting with their Skype Credit. The Microsoft Wi-Fi service looks as though it would build upon this idea.