WATCH: Microsoft launches ‘AI for everyone’ ad for the Super Bowl

Microsoft has launched its first Super Bowl advert in four years, showcasing its AI assistant, Copilot.

The 60-second campaign will run during the Super Bowl on Sunday [11 February 2024] and calls on the public to use the company’s Copilot AI assistant, and demonstrates the different features that can be used.

Microsoft Executive VP and Consumer CMO, Yusuf Mehdi told The Verge: “We really got behind a single brand called Copilot, so we cleaned up all these other things and we renamed Bing Chat. So we have one brand, one experience.”

He added that the tech firm plans to launch various versions of the assistant in the future and partner it with other software and services and wants to get to a position to where “there’s a single Copilot for every individual.”

He noted: “Over time I think you’ll see us continue to add more and more of those things. So the notion of a personal Copilot that is yours, we want to get to one idea, and we want that to unlock everything you’ve got with your IDs, with your personal IDs and work IDs.

“Where we go from there we’ll see. There are a lot of extensions that are coming to Copilot, whether those are GPTs or plug-ins, or the ability to do custom Copilots themselves.”

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