Microsofts Windows 8 Tablet Surfaces at Last

Microsoft has finally give its Surface Pro device a launch date – at least, in the US and Canada. The Windows 8-powered tablet will launch in the US on 9 February, and be priced at $899 (£570) for a 64GB device, and $999 for 128GB.

While the Surface RT launched three months ago, and is available for half the price, it was the Surface Pro that really got people excited back when the devices were announced in July.

The tablet runs on full-fat Windows 8, powered by an Intel processor, and should be able to run any program an equivalent desktop could handle.

However, with the huge marketing push the RT version of the Surface received over the pre-Christmas period, it might be difficult to convince the public that this new device is something different – and especially, worth shelling out over a thousand dollars on.