MicroStrategys Saylor Slams Microsofts Surface Launch

Microsofts recent unveiling of its Surface range of Tablet devices was “the most disastrous product announcement in 10 years”. Thats the view of MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, talking at a press conference at the MicroStrategy World event this afternoon.

“Having told you it just wants to be in the software business, and that a PC is all you need, Microsoft basically said: but now weve changed our mind” said Saylor. “They announced it as a Tablet with no compromises, but one with a lot of questions around it. We dont know when itll ship, or how much itll cost. We dont know if itll work on a mobile network. We dont even know if itll work properly on Intel, so heres a second model.”

Saylor cautioned against the dangers of announcing a product far ahead of launch, as it stops consumers from buying the old product, and gives competitors advance warning of your next move. It was a move which, he said, “smacks of desperation”. And those criticisms werent limited to Microsoft – Google were in for it too, for the announcements which came a week later at its I/O conference.

“Youve got Sergey Brin posing with Google Glass, and the message is – theyre cool but we dont have a product to sell you and wont have until, maybe, 2014,” said Saylor. “Its the number two and number three companies in the space acting out of desperation because theyre scared of the market leader.”