MIG Completes Facebook Credits Integration

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) has completed the integration of its Interactive Broadcast Platform (IBP) with Facebook, enabling more than 500m users to interact and vote worldwide.

Having worked with Facebook and various broadcasters over recent months, MIG has successfully integrated the IBP with Facebook, giving fans of some of the world’s most popular participation TV shows the ability to place real-time votes, and enter polls and sweepstake competitions using their Facebook Credits virtual currency.

To use the system, fans of a participation TV show access the show’s Facebook Page, where they can buy votes using Facebook Credits, view the show contestants, and vote for their favourite act to stay in the show in real-time. The IBP has been designed to integrate into existing Facebook Pages through a simple SDK. This integration enables a real-time feed of voting statistics into the broadcaster’s production environment, allowing the broadcaster to count the votes for the show, ensuring all votes are fully auditable, secure, compliant, and collected within the voting window.

IBP’s architecture has been designed to facilitate the largest interactive formats in the world. The platform is available across a range of smartphone app stores, plus the mobile and fixed web. It can accommodate various price points to suit different broadcaster requirements and is available as a fully managed service, or through an SDK.

“We launched our Interactive Broadcast Platform this January, and (it) has already proven to be hugely successful for Sky’s Got to Dance, enabling viewers to participate and vote via mobile internet and apps,” explains MIG commercial director, Rob Weisz. “The integration with Facebook Credits provides a fully compliant and secure way for broadcasters and production companies to deliver interactivity into a live environment and to drive viewer engagement via new channels.”

Weisz adds that MIG is holding strategic discussions with a number of key international broadcasters and other businesses, and expects to make significant announcements for prime time shows in the coming months.