MIG Powers Colourful SMS Campaign

Mobile interactive services provider Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), the exclusive mobile partner to ITV, has revealed that it powered a 4-week SMS direct response campaign for Colour Catcher, which launched on 11 June. Further campaigns are  scheduled for the autumn and for 2008.
Colour Catcher, a brand of Spotless UK, undertook the free sampling campaign via SMS to support the re-launch of its Colour Catcher laundry product, which absorbs colour released during the wash process to prevent it dying other items in the same load. The campaign enabled consumers who viewed the brands ads to text in their name and address details to receive a free sample of the product. The campaign was devised jointly by Spotless UK with ITV Norwich Sales, ITV Sales, and MIG.
Since the campaign ran, Spotless UK has seen a total sales uplift of 3x versus baseline, with post-campaign sales stable at more than 60% over baseline. A subsequent survey demonstrated that 54% of the consumers who received the sample went then to buy the product. 89% of them declared that without receiving the sample, they would not have bought it. The campaign was unsupported by any trade activity, says MIG, thus the entire sales uplift can be attributed to the combination of the TV ad and the mobile activity.
In addition, detailed campaign analysis provided Spotless UK with results to ensure better trade support for upcoming campaigns; data on sales uplift per TV channel, enabling Spotless to redefine target media and optimize future media investments; and charts to measure the efficiency of all TV channels involved in the campaign, as well as  analysis of the best performing spots, dayparts and geographical regions.
Spotless UK Marketing Manager Luca Cucciniello says he is extremely happy with the results of the mobile campaign.
Its proved to be an extremely effective targeted product trial he says. Moreover, the SMS campaign helped us to give more credibility to the product and to the spot, as well as sustaining sales of the product after the campaign. Thanks to all of this we already managed to ensure much better trade support for future campaigns.
MIG MD Barry Houlihan adds:
Colour Catcher has delivered a tremendous sales uplift through a relatively simple mobile campaign. We are seeing increasing numbers of brands transforming 30-second spots into engaging experiences by using mobile to encourage sampling, raise brand awareness, entertain consumers and drive footfall.