MIG Powers MoneySupermarket.com Mobile Overhaul

Digital technology firm Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) has completed three phases of consultancy for online price comparison service MoneySupermarket.com, resulting in a wide-ranging mobile presence for the brand. 

MIG began work for MoneySupermarket.com on a consultancy basis in early 2011, and has completed Mobile Communications, Mobile Internet, and Mobile Internet and App Experience phases. 

The final phase went live on 18 November, and saw the launch of a motor insurance quoting app for the iPhone. The app enables customers looking to renew their policy to obtain a full quote across MoneySupermarket.com products.

The mobile web experience also received an upgrade, with a complex edit feature that allows customers to make multiple amends to a quote. 

The Mobile Communications phase of MIGs consultancy was completed in September, and revamped MoneySupermarket.coms customer communication emails to be optimised for mobile. The Mobile Internet phase added a Concierge Service to the MoneySupermarket.com website, inviting upgrades and ensuring quotes are up to date. It was built on MIGs mVoy Publish mobile technology platform, and went live on 27 October. 

Julie Fisher, head of home insurance and home services at MoneySupermarket.com says: “Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important for every business. Our project with MIG gives our customers the opportunity to create, retrieve and alter motor insurance quotes, plus either phone or link through to insurance providers to complete their payment journey. The three phase approach weve adopted incorporates optimising email communications for mobile, launching a mobile internet experience and an app to ensure a fully integrated mobile experience.”

David Balko, client services director at MIG, says: “This has been a really great and collaborative project which has pulled on all of MIGs strategic, creative and technological expertise. The app utilises all of the Apple functionality, combines great designs and has grouped key customer questions together into groups, to turn what was once a complicated solution into something that is simple, easy and effective for all MoneySupermarket customers to use.”