MIG Secures C5 Contract Renewal

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) has secured a two-year contract renewal with Channel 5 to power all mobile interactive services, including continued m-CRM initiatives, mobile messaging, and the development of interactive revenue generation concepts for flagship shows including The Gadget Show, Fifth Gear, CSI and NCSI.

 MIG’s brief is to open new revenue channels; implement m-CRM strategy to encourage viewer interactivity and drive loyalty; drive participation in flagship shows using its Interactive Broadcast Platform (IBP); and to extend interactivity beyond SMS and traditional telephone services

“Interactivity via mobile remains high on the agenda for Channel 5, and working with MIG ensures we are advised of key trends developing in the broadcast and entertainment market, whilst also benefitting from their expertise and technological innovations,” says Channel 5 commercial development controller, Emma Derrick. “MIG has played a pivotal role in implementing m-CRM and driving viewer loyalty.”

MIG commercial director Rob Weisz adds: “Having partnered with Channel 5 over the last four years, successfully implementing a range of mobile CRM programmes and initiatives, we’re delighted to continue working together. We have a collaborative relationship with Channel 5’s interactive teams which has served us well.”