MIG Survey Predicts 2012 Trends

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) has released the results of its customers survey – which asked 500 of its clients, including brands, agencies and technology providers, just two questions: what will be 2012s biggest mobile trend, and what would you like to ask the mobile industry?

23 per cent said they saw mCommerce as the primary mobile trend –  and 62 per cent of retailers said it was a strategic priority for their business in the next 12 months. This is supported by the 25 per cent who reckon mPayments will really take off in 2012, driven by NFC and mobile wallets. 23 per cent also named mobile marketing as a significant focus for their businesses going forward in 2012, and 11 per cent think mobile social media will be a key trend.

“The findings from our initial customer survey backs up our thinking, and we’re not surprised to see mCommerce and payments, mobile marketing and mobile social media top of the agenda for 2012, “ says MIGs GM, Barry Houlihan. “To have our thoughts on this validated by some of the world’s leading brands demonstrates our understanding of the market place and where the industry is heading.”