Millennial Launches Omni Measurement Solutions

Millennial Media has unveiled its Omni Measurement Solutions suite, which is designed to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile campaigns and help to attribute in-store sales to mobile advertising campaigns, something many retailers currently struggle to do. 

The Omni Measurement Solutions suite includes Door Open Rate, which measures the impact on foot traffic to a given retail location generated by a mobile campaign; Register Ring Rate, which measures the impact in total credit card spend at a retail location due to a mobile campaign, including the number of transactions per purchaser and total basket size; and Brand Lift Rate, which measures the impact on high funnel activities such as awareness, intent, consideration, and recall.

For every product in the Omni Measurement Solutions suite, Millennial Media partners with a third party, and matches mobile IDs against exposed and control groups to judge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with target audiences.

Data analytics company Neustar and location analytics firm Placed are among the launch partners. Millennial Media will offer end-of-campaign reports that the company says will accurately show the impact on advertiser KPIs, and give advertisers credible and qualified insights to use for future marketing efforts.

 Additional products will be added to the suite in the coming weeks, including a product in collaboration with comScore that measures online consumer behavior after mobile ad exposure.

“Measurement is one of the most important issues in mobile advertising today,” said Mollie Spilman, EVP, global sales & marketing at Millennial Media. “Brands need to feel confident that the dollars they are spending in mobile advertising are truly moving the needle, and our Omni Measurement Solutions represent the most comprehensive, data-rich solution at this scale in mobile advertising.”

There’s more information about Omni Measurement Solutions here.  


David Murphy writes:

Attribution is a big challenge for retailers, both online, and on mobile. Online, the last click and associated search term tends to take the credit for the sale, even though weeks of research and other keywords might have preceded it.

On mobile, the challenge is to credit mobile for the part played in driving a customer into a retail store to make a purchase. Its one that we have not seen any convincing answer to up until now, but Millennials solution looks very good on paper. By partnering with third party data providers and using exposed and control groups, the company aims to offer retailers – and indeed any brand – a realistic and accurate insight into the effectiveness of their footfall-driving mobile advertising activity. Its something Im sure many will welcome.

The solution will be offered to brands advertising in Millennials network as an additional option, in the same way that video and more precise targeting are available as additional options.