Millennial Media Launches Rich Media Tools

Mobile advertising network Millennial Media has launched a suite of tools that help brands and agencies create rich-media mobile ads. Called mmStudio, the suite of tools gives access to wireframes that aid design for expandable banners and interactive video, as well as mini-games, image galleries, and animations. 

“With mmStudio, were making innovation easy, and giving advertisers tools that will allow them to collaborate with us to create next generation mobile ads,” says Jamie Fellows, SVP of product at Millennial Media. “Both consumers and advertisers have raised their expectations around mobile advertising, and brands need a platform partner that will allow them to deliver on these expectations, and drive true engagement whether it be with the ads we create, the advertiser creates or via our rich media partners.”

The mmStudio includes tools for creating a variety of rich media. The Mobile Circular format advertises up to 20 products within a single piece of creative, while a 360º View feature enables customers to interact with an image of a product, rotating it in a faux-3D view. 

The Smash It interactive game prompts users to tap certain objects on the screen to gain points, while avoiding other images that will cause them to lose the game. Players can post scores to social media sites, driving viral interest in the ad.

The Cube and Media Gallery features allows advertisers to present multiple images. In The Cube, pictures are viewed by rotating a cube with an image on each side, while the Media Gallery presents conventional swipe-able photo album. 

“Millennial Medias release of mmStudio is a great initiative to further facilitate richer experiences within mobile advertising. Features like 360° View promote more in-depth and dynamic consumer interaction and are therefore potentially more likely to influence decisions further down the purchase funnel,” says Milton Elias, head of mobile at Starcom MediaVest Group.

Wireframes are also available for other Millennial Media creative products, such as Interactive Video, where advertisers can overlay interactive features on top of their video content.

Leading up to the release of mmStudio, Millennial Media had made the tools available on a limited basis to select advertisers. Examples of the resulting campaigns can be seen on the Millennial Media website