Millennial Media Reports WinPhone7 Impression Surge

Andy Penfold

Millennial Media's Mobile Mix data for June 2011 has reported a 31 per cent rise in Windows Phone 7 ad impressions. RIM also demonstrated strong growth on Millennial's network, with a 29 per cent quarter-over-quarter growth. 

However, Android and iOS still dominate the Millennial smartphone ad impression landscape, with Android taking 54 per cent, and iOS 26 per cent of Millennial's ad impressions. RIM has 15 per cent and Windows Phone, 2 per cent. 

Apple's ad impressions grew by 18 per cent, while Android grew 11 per cent. Tablets and other non-phone devices also had a strong month, with connected devices growing 13 per cent in terms of ad impressions month-on-month, accounting for 18 per cent of all ad impressions on the Millennial Media network. 

The company also looked into the habits of tablet owners. "In Q2 2011, consumers increasingly used tablets for activities where they had previously used other technologies (i.e., TVs, PCs, eReaders)," says the report. "Since they acquired tablets, 27 per cent of consumers reduced the time they browsed on the internet on their computer, 29 per cent checked their email less frequently on their computer, and 23 per cent used their eReader less frequently. Video viewing behavior also shifted, as 27 per cent watched fewer videos on their computer, and 19 per cent watched fewer shows or movies on their TV."

The report can be downloaded free from the Millennial Media website