Millennial Media Unveils Point Location-Based Ad Suite

point-where-whoMillennial Media has unveiled its Point location-based advertising suite, in partnership with spatial analytics firm Esri.

Point is made up of three parts: Audience Frames, which uses time and location data to inform campaigns and target by parameters including household income, environment, and propensity for shopping; Fencing, which enables geo-fencing based on a distance radius or tied to a specific area or landmark, as well as on peoples current travel time from a location; and Targeting, which leverages location-based targeting segments including country, state, and designated market area.

“Location is one of the most critical and unique characteristics of a mobile device,” said Mollie Spilman, EVP, global sales & operations at Millennial Media. “Mobile location paints an overarching story about a consumer – not just where they are, but also their habits, interests, and location-based tendencies. Through the launch and expansion of Point, Millennial Media is helping brands and advertisers truly connect with consumers as they move through their daily routine.”