Millennial Mums 26 Per Cent More Likely to be Regular Cross-Screen Users

Supermarket  shelves shopper FMCG retailA study into mothers aged 18-34 has found that they are 26 per cent more likely to use multiple devices every day than their male counterparts, and are in general more comfortable using mobile and juggling multiple devices.

The joint study of young US mothers by Ansible and Millennial Media showed that the so-called Millennial Mums were an active, dominant and mobile-savvy group of consumers who use multiple devices along the purchase funnel.

The research showed that millennial mums over-indexed on Android ownership at 59 per cent, and overall tablet ownership, with 43 per cent owning tablets. They were heavy cross-screen users; for those who had started a purchasing journey on a smartphone, 84 per cent had completed it on a smartphone, 88 per cent on a tablet and 85 per cent on a computer.

Smartphone and tablet use showed strong delineation between inside and outside the home. 58 per cent of tablet-owning mums used it in the kitchen every day, while around 70 per cent used it in the bedroom and living room on a daily basis. Overall, 97 per cent of tablet-owning mums used it daily while at home, but only 31 per cent used it in public, and 24 per cent while at work.

While in-store, millennial mums were often more comfortable using the smartphone to assist in their shopping and product research than dads in a similar age bracket. 50 per cent have taken pictures of products, 39 per cent have contacted friends or family about a product while in-store, and 39 per cent have used their phones to find coupons or deals.

“Mums today are savvier than ever, leveraging on-the-go tools to effectively maximise value and time,” said Carrie Seifer, senior vice president of global strategy at Millennial Media. “As such, mobile has become mums device of choice across a range of functions, including researching and purchasing. Given the fact that mums often hold much of the purchase decision-making power in a household, mobile should be a top vehicle for outreach across the board.”