Millennial Report Reveals Automotive and Retail Ad Growth

Mobile ad network Millennial Media has released its SMART report for December 2010, which reports on mobile advertising activity within its network.

The report reveals that Telecommunications was the top vertical for mobile advertising. Millennial says this was primarily due to carriers and device manufacturers doubling down their mobile buys during the holiday season. Windows Phone 7 devices, in particular, relied heavily on mobile advertising. Six verticals had triple digit growth year-over-year. Automotive grew 623 per cent, while Retail & Restaurants grew 572 per cent.

The report also analysed the call to action on mobile campaigns and found that 49 per cent were designed to drive consumers to a website. 16 per cent were designed to drive app downloads, while, recognising the increasing consumer desire to use location as part of the mobile experience, 22 per cent of campaigns used a Store Locator as the desired campaign outcome. 14 per cent of campaigns had a social media post-click campaign action, encouraging consumers to interact with Facebook or Twitter, or post pictures to a custom site.

57 per cent of campaigns used a general broad reach, while 43 per cent targeted a specific audience. Of the targeted campaigns, targeting by demographic was the most popular method.