Millennial Sees Android Nearing Half of Mobile Ad Impressions

Android accounted for 46 per cent of ad impressions on the Millennial Media mobile ad platform during Q2, 2012, according to its latest Mobile Mix report.

Thats compared to 34 per cent for iOS, 15 per cent for BlackBerry, and four per cent for Windows Phone.

While it might have come in second place in terms of OS, Apple was the leading manufacturer on the platform, accounting for up 31 per cent of impressions over the quarter. The iPhone was the leading smartphone, representing 15.9 per cent of all impressions from mobile phones.

“Mobile devices and operating systems are growing more sophisticated by the day, and consumers are responding by spending less time with traditional media channels and more time with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets,” said Millennial Media SVP, product, Jamie Fellows. “As advertisers and developers aim to capitalise on this shift in consumer media consumption, it’s becoming critically important to understand the latest trends in the space, and this is the driving force behind our regular Mobile Intelligence reports.”

Games were the most popular app category by impression, holding the top spot from Q1, with Music & Entertainment apps staying in second place. However, Science & Technology app impressions increased fifteenfold over the last quarter, pushing Social Media out of third place. According to the report, this is most likely due to the occurrence of year-end exams during the period – with Books & Reference apps showing a similar growth.