Millennial Sees Growth in Store Locator Campaigns

Mobile ad network Millennial Media has released its SMART report for the month of May. The report reveals a 48 per cent month-on-month growth in campaigns featuring a store locator on Millennial’s network. This feature is useful for campaigns designed to drive foot traffic and is often used by retailers or auto dealers trying to get consumers into their stores, the company says.

49 per cent of all Targeted Audience campaigns used Local Market audience targeting, with advertisers turning to mobile as an effective way to reach local consumers. Targeting by demographic grew 12 per cent month-over-month, representing 38 per cent of targeted audience campaigns. An example of this would be finance advertisers targeting college students with information on student loans or credit products.

The report also reveals that campaigns giving users the option to take a social media action grew 36 per cent month-on-month. Millennial says this tactic is often employed by Telecom, Entertainment and Retail advertisers, as they try to gain social media followers or get feedback on new movie releases/product launches.

For automotive campaigns, Site Search, Store Locator, and View Map each represented 67 per cent of the Post Click Campaign Action Mix (meaning that each action was individually featured in 67 per cent of all auto campaigns). Advertisers used these actions to drive customers into dealerships to test drive and purchase new cars. 

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