Millennial Sees Rise in Local Market Targeting

Millennial Media has released its SMART report for April. The report reveals that local market targeting grew 22 per cent month-on-month, and represented 56 per cent of all campaigns that used targeted reach. Targeting by demographic and behavioural audience accounted for 34 per cent and 10 per cent of campaigns respectively.

The top campaign goal on the Millennial network was lead generation/registrations, while campaigns that enabled consumers to take some sort of social media action grew by 39 per cent month-on-month. This ranged from liking a Facebook page to leaving feedback on a new product.

Campaigns giving consumers the option to download an app grew 26 per cent month-on-month and represented 32 per cent of  all campaigns on Millennial’s network. And 49 per cent of all campaigns on the network drove traffic to a site (as opposed to driving consumers to a custom landing page or app download page).

This month’s report had a special retail focus. Among the key findings here were that 62 per cent of all retail campaigns had the goal of driving sustained in-market presence or brand awareness, while 17 per cent of all retail campaigns had the goal of increasing foot traffic to the stores. Retail advertisers on the Millennial network in April were diverse, with campaigns running in eight different subcategories, including Department Stores, Computers & Electronics retailers, and Home & Garden brands. 

You can download the full report here.