Millennial Updates Android and iPhone SDKs

Millennial Media has released updated Software Developer Kits (SDKs) for Android OS & iPhone OS, (Android SDK 3.6.1 and iPhone SDK 4.0.4, respectively). The company says it is constantly striving to improve its SDK experience and performance; the releases mark its fourth SDK release on each operating system in less than six months. Developers who consistently include the latest SDKs inside their applications have access to new features and will have an even greater ability to take advantage of high CPM campaigns.

The new Android SDK 3.6.1 features an improved static interstitial experience; video interstitials; an updated overlay experience that allows the user to stay engaged in the ad while staying within the application; and enhanced JavaScript capabilities for advertisers, enabling the advertiser to tailor the ad experience as they desire.

The new iPhone SDK 4.0.4 features video interstitials, allowing instant video playback, rather than a streaming experience; plus the same updated overlay experience and enhanced JavaScript capabilities as the Android version. 
Millennial says its platform-agnostic position and unparalleled mobile ad demand enables it to help developers monetize their apps across all platforms. There’s more information on the mmDev developer portal.