Millennials are using their previous commuting time for mobile gaming: report

Due to the prolonged “work from home” mandates, Millennials are spending their former commute times on mobile video gaming, according to a new report by mobile gaming ad platform POKKT. Before the pandemic began, Millennials were spending an average of 25 minutes per mobile gaming session per day, which has now increased to 55 minutes per session each day.

According to POKKT, games including Ludo King, Carrom Pool, PubG, and Hunter Assassin are on the short list for most minutes played in the Millennial age group. Additionally, POKKT reported a 31 per cent increase in ad requests globally, triggered by increased mobile gaming in the current climate.

Millennials are not the only age group with a considerable jump in the length and frequency of gameing sessions. Due to the pandemic, POKKT also reported a 16 per cent increase in mobile gaming done by children. Before COVID-19, children were averaging 20-30 mins per session per day, compared to the 40 mins per session now, hitting 4-5 sessions per day.

According to POKKT’s research, there has also been an 11 per cent increase in monthly game downloads, a 13 per cent increase in monthly active users (MAUs), an increase in daily active sessions from 3 to 4-5, and a change in most popular gaming times (from 4-8 pm to 1-4 pm and 6-9 pm).