Millennials Prefer Native Ads, Study Suggests

Kids57 per cent of UK adults aged 18 to 33 will visit online content that appeals to them, even when the content is clearly an ad, according to a study by native ad platform Adyoulike, with the number rising to 63 per cent among 18 to 24 year olds.

The survey of 1,000 people found that written feature articles are the preferred form of paid-for online content among most adults, with 32 per cent of users preferring this format, followed by list-based articles at 24 per cent and videos at 17 per cent.

“What this survey demonstrates is that millennials are interested in online ads so long as they are served non-intrusively,” said Ben Williams, head of operations at Adblock Plus. “Online users want good content – content that is interesting to them – and they are just as interested when this content is paid-for, so long as they feel in control.

“Online consumers, especially millennials, are becoming increasingly aware of the differences between editorial and paid-for content, and because of this, transparency in online advertising is more important than ever. Users dont want to feel manipulated or deceived by advertising when they are online, and are much more likely to be open to advertising if they are not.”