Mimiboard Brings a Virtual Noticeboard to Africa

African publisher Umuntu Media has launched the beta of Mimiboard, a hyper-local virtual noticeboard which lets communities broadcast information via SMS, the mobile web or an Android app. User-generated content can be placed at a set location, with a range of applications, including publishing local information, organising trade, and helping customers find local businesses – whether a taxi driver, fisherman, or retailer – and vice versa.

“We know that content is not only news, weather, job openings, restaurant guides and events,” says Johan Nel, CEO, Umuntu Media. “Content is dynamic, our content needs change throughout the day, based on preference, location, and mood. Content is enabling commerce on a hyper-local scale, enabling the fisherman in Mombasa Kenya to sell his catch to the tourist.”

According to Umuntu, it intends to launch Mimiboard across East and West Africa – the company has partnered with large media players in each market, and the technology will be integrated into Umuntus existing portals.