mindbodygreen partners with Brand Metrics to showcase the impact of context on advertising

Global ad tech company, Brand Metrics, which helps publishers measure the effectiveness of digital advertising, has developed a pioneering partnership with leading lifestyle publisher, mindbodygreen, highlighting the importance of context in advertising, and how this can help to build brands, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Brand Metrics empowers a growing number of publishers to gather independent data on their digital ad campaigns, enabling them to measure uplift in awareness, consideration, preference and action intent.

Its technology allowed mindbodygreen to measure brand lift across a range of campaigns among its brand advertisers, and to compare results against a 20,000 strong campaign database, benchmarking advertiser results against 122 different industry categories. Due to the versatility of the platform, the publisher was able to accurately measure even the smallest of campaigns.

Peter Trombino, mindbodygreens Chief Sales Officer, explained: “We design campaigns with partner KPIs in mind. With Brand Metrics, weve been able to effectively measure campaigns of all sizes with high levels of confidence, allowing us to prove we are moving people down the funnel, making creative suggestions, and ultimately driving growth in our partnerships.”

Traditionally, mindbodygreen’s commercial strategy has focused on attracting advertisers from the broad lifestyle categories that the site’s content covers, such as beauty, fashion and food. Brand Metrics’ data had shown how, from fashion to healthy eating, and from online counselling to supplements, brand advertisers on mindbodygreen were seeing total brand lift ranging from +11.5 per cent t0 +13.3 per cent. They also noted strong lifts in brand awareness, suggesting that mindbodygreen offers a great contextual environment for lifestyle brands to grow their presence.

But, beyond these more familiar categories, the mindbodygreen team also noted some very positive campaign results for Facet, a full-service financial planning company. This included increases in brand lift by over 20 per cent across the four key metrics.

“For the Facet team, knowing that mindbodygreen shared our belief that there’s no wellness without financial wellness made them a perfect partner,” said Facets COO, Shruti Joshi.

The immersive, content-driven campaign included custom articles, social media, newsletters, and targeted display ads designed to propel action. Joshi notes incredible engagement across the delivery of 8.8m impressions and 9,600 clicks: “In terms of brand uplift, we are thrilled with the total absolute lift of 21.5 per cent across all four key metrics”.

Taylor Sturtevant, Brand Metrics Director of Customer Success, US, explained: “It is universally understood that if you are exposed to an ad in a relevant environment, you’re more likely to engage with it. This type of contextual relevance can take place in a specialist publishing environment (for instance). But this pioneering partnership uncovered alignment between financial wellbeing and overall wellbeing, showing how audience understanding can create new content, context, and connection.”

Sturtevant concluded: “While a directly relevant media context makes a lot of sense, there can also be great opportunities for less obvious pairings and contexts, often in less crowded and competitive spaces. Brand lift data can help to open up additional opportunities to welcome brands and categories which speak to the many wants and needs of diverse audiences.”

Brand Metrics works with many of the world’s leading publishers, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Financial Times and News Corp, helping them to measure brand lift across their digital campaigns. It is empowering a growing number of publishers and agencies to gather independent data on their digital ad campaigns and enabling them to measure uplift in awareness, consideration, preference and action intent, in a simple, cost-effective and comparable way.

Read the full case study here.