MindMatics Launches m Self Service Platform

MindMatics has launched its m self service mobile platform. Its a browser-based platform that MindMatics says enables small and medium sized enterprises to run their own mobile marketing campaigns.
Its a modular system with components for SMS-based competitions, mobile portal access, content downloads, PIN services, reverse auctions and mobile CRM. Each module can be individually activated.
During the platforms development, care was taken to ensure simple and intuitive operation, so that users without any previous technical knowledge could set up their own live mobile service within minutes. The platform also offers a comprehensive extensive reporting function, which displays and compares all relevant campaign data in real time. The reporting module is available for all MindMatics customers free of charge.
MindMatics says its 10 years experience of implementing mobile marketing campaigns and services has gone into the development of the m platform. It says that selected customers, who tested the platform in advance, were impressed by its multiple service functions and ease of use. The Berliner Fox Mobile Distribution is, alongside MindMatics subsidiary company CLANMO, one of the first organisations to utilize the comprehensive CRM possibilities. Christoph Ranaweera, Supervisor for Technical Country Management at Fox Mobile Distribution, says: We have evaluated numerous platforms from different mobile service providers. With the MindMatics m platform you can practically feel the amount of technical experience this service provider has to offer. Our cost efficiency requirements are met completely with the mobile CRM solution.
MindMatics specialises in network operator-based micro-billing services. The company enables around 3.1 billion people in 60 countries to effect small payments or register votes via SMS. MindMatics also offers a global SMS dispatch infrastructure. The company has offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, and London.