MindRDR App Enables Google Glass Control with Brainwaves

InUse2London-based developer This Place have unveiled MindRDR, an app for Google Glass that they claim allows users to control the device using their mind.

MindRDR acts as a bridge between the Glass and a Neurosky EEG biosensor, enabling users to take photos and share them on Twitter and Facebook through the use of brainwaves alone. The biosensor measures concentration and relaxation to determine actions, with the Glass providing visual feedback to show users how close they are to taking the photo.

“Google Glass is one of the worlds most recognisable and popular piece of wearable technology, but after getting our hands on it, we saw huge potential to incorporate EEG technology so it benefits the wider society,” said Dusan Hamlin, founder and CEO of This Place. “For example, MindRDR could enable those with locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world using Google Glass, as currently users either have to touch it or use voice commands which are restrictive for those with certain disabilities.

“All we could think was: how can we make the users experience even better? We wanted to realise the true potential of Glass by allowing users to control it with their minds. As a user experience company were constantly improving the way people interact with technology.”

John Newbold, co-founder and creative director at 383 said, “Its exciting to see the technology community exploring and developing new mechanics to use Google Glass in innovative ways, however it is still questionable whether we will ever see Glass actually come to market. Googles reluctance in staggering consumer releases of the hardware and its prohibitively high price point, together with a relatively inaccessible app environment casts doubt on the prospect of Glass ever launching at a mass market level.”