Minimize the impact of social distancing on your business with SMS

The mGage marketing team looks at how businesses can use SMS to continue reaching customers while most people are working from home

All of us at mGage hope you, your teams, and your families are staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.  We understand your business is likely facing a lot of challenges amid the global coronavirus outbreak. Customers shuttered at home and not out shopping; events cancelled; these are all unexpected challenges to normal, day-to-day business functions.

Just when you think your marketing and advertising strategy is obsolete, consider the fact that with most people working from home – and glued to their mobile devices for news updates. Shifting your outreach strategy toward cost-effective SMS messaging can help you stay in front of existing customers and potential new ones. Here are some ways your brand can use text messaging to help minimize the impact of social distancing on your business.

Stay connected with your customers

Communicating effectively and efficiently is going to be vital in maintaining customer relationships. Use SMS messaging to let your customers know that it is your top priority to keep them informed of any changes your business may incur that will affect them. Tangible examples of how your organization is working to support “business-as-usual” can reinforce customers’ loyalty to your brand over your competitors.

  • Deploy SMS chatbots – manage the most common customer inquiries automatically while your call center may be understaffed.
  • Share essential updates – let customers know about store hours or policy changes that may be occurring
  • Offer appointment scheduling/rescheduling – easily allow clients to reschedule an appointment for a future date

Leverage SMS to Find New Ways to Adapt

Restaurants, fast food, beauty, along with many other industries, are being hit the hardest and must close their doors temporarily. With the new guidelines for social distancing, these businesses can no longer function like before. Mobile messaging is a cost-effective way to adapt your business strategy to try to find ways to make sales during this challenging time.

  • Offer curbside pickup – customers can text when they arrive, and you can bring it out to their car, minimizing human contact.
  • Offer delivery – the delivery person can send a text message when they are a half-mile away to confirm drop-off directions.
  • Provide knowledge – Send industry-related text messages with tips and advice. (i.e., recipes, hair care, skin care tips)
  • Buy now, use later – Send texts to encourage customers to buy gift cards now and redeem once the social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

We’re Here to Help

Throughout this challenging time, we’re happy to help brainstorm customer engagement methods and share how our clients are effectively communicating with their customers using SMS. Contact us