Ministry of SpinVox

Voice-to-screen messaging company SpinVox has announced a partnership with Ministry of Sound to allow clubbers to share their favourite track, DJ or clubbing experience with their friends on the go using the SpinVox voice-to-text service.
By calling 01512 667075, clubbers can generate posts on and the official Ministry of Sound Facebook page – wherever they are located. SpinVox automatically converts their voice into text and then posts directly to the Ministry of Sound blog and Facebook page.
Ministry of Sound is the first club brand to team up with SpinVox to make use of its voice-to-text service. Tom Kihl, Managing Editor,, part of Ministry of Sound Group, says:
This is the first time we have used a service like SpinVox to interact with our clubber fanbase. We are always looking at innovative ways for people to engage with the club and our website more intimately. We want to know what our fans think of their nights out, the music, the DJs and the club experience. We were attracted to the SpinVox service, as clubbers can tell us what they are thinking as they are thinking it, they dont need to be online or near a computer keyboard to stay in touch.
Christina Domecq, SpinVox Co-founder and CEO, adds:
SpinVox is all about using voice to enable person-to-person messaging through any network or service – whether by SMS text, email, blog, or social network walls and spaces. We believe that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with the international club brand. Watch this space for further exciting opportunities.   
In February 2007, SpinVox enabled voice to enter the online world for the first time with its ground-breaking service, Spin-my-Blog. The service was the first to allow users to post their thoughts onto a blog by calling a phone number and speaking the message, which is then converted automatically to text and posted on the site.