Misfit Turns On the Light with Bolt Smart Bulb

Misfit BulbMisfit, maker of the Shine activity tracker, has unveiled its first connected home product, Bolt.

Bolt is a smart lightbulb that can be controlled using a Misfit Home app to change the intensity or colour of its light, and programmed to turn lights on or off at certain times.

This isnt exactly a new concept – Philips introduced a Hue lighting system back in 2012 – but what makes the Bolt interesting is the promise of connectivity with Misfits other offerings. The bulb can use sleep cycle data from the Shine and Flash activity trackers or Beddit, Misfits dedicated sleep-tracking device, to act as a smart alarm, turning on the lights when the user is in their lightest cycle of sleep.

The introduction of an umbrella Misfit Home app no doubt indicates that the company has greater ambitions in the smart home market, but it hasnt abandoned its wearable products either.

Misfit also announced a partnership with jewellery company Swarovski to release two editions of the Shine with a crystal face. Most interesting of the two is the violet version, which uses energy crystal technology to charge the devices battery when it is exposed to light.