Missed Call Brief for Jinny

Jinny Software, which supplies personalised messaging and media processing platforms to mobile network operators, has deployed its Missed Call Notification (MCN) solution with Zain Jordan, part of the leading Middle East and African telecoms provider Zain, formerly MTC. Jinny says its successful bid and subsequent MCN implementation displaced an existing and competitive MCN solution.
The key differentiator of Jinnys offering, the company says, was that the SMSC functionality could be integrated into the MCN service to allow the product to handle higher volume transmission and to remove the load on the operators current SMSC nodes. Jinny adds that its expertise in SMSC and SMS routing and filtering technology has made the development of the combined MCN and integrated SMSC functionality a straightforward product extension, meaning that the Jinny MCN implementation could meet the customers specific needs and differentiated it from the alternative solutions on offer.
The MCN solution is designed to offer lower churn and higher ARPU for the operator through increasing call completion by reporting missed calls to the called party, using SMS. A call may be missed if the subscriber is in a low coverage area, has the mobile switched off, is busy with another call, or does not have voicemail activated. The notification message includes the calling number, the number of missed calls and the date and time of the call, giving the called party all the information required to return the call.
Zain Jordans Chief Technology Officer, Samir Abu Zahra, says:
When we started thinking about and negotiating the Missed Call Notification solution, we knew that time was a big factor and challenge for both Zain Jordan and Jinny Software. I am very pleased that the challenge was met. Zain Jordan could count on the Jinny team and they demonstrated good will and a real partnership approach.