Mister Donut Launches Mobile Loyalty Program in El Salvador

Mister_Donut_San_SalvadorFast-food franchise, Mister Donut, has launched a mobile loyalty pilot program in El Salvador with Mozido, which specialises in mobile financial services, retail and loyalty.

Mister Donut initially rolled out the program, Orange World, to seven of its restaurants in order to gain better insight into their customers’ behaviour and to encourage repeat business. Prior to the launch, Mozido surveyed customers to gain insights into the frequency of restaurant visits, peak visit times and days, payment methods, dollar amount spent per customer in a period of time, and table and order sizes, in order to create a tailored mobile loyalty solution. The program will now be rolled out to all Mister Donut restaurants in the country by January 2015.

The program will enable customers to keep track of their loyalty points on their phone. It will also enable the brand to segment customers according to their purchasing behaviour, and then provide contextually relevant communications and promotions. In the next stage of the program, customers will also be able to skip the checkout by paying for their food and drink via the loyalty app.

Initial reaction to the program has been positive. 30 days after launch in 30 outlets, 3,200 customers are live on the program, and the restaurant is acquiring customers at an average accrual rate of more than 500 per week.

“With El Salvador’s 124 per cent mobile adoption rate, our mobile loyalty program is a natural fit for our customer base, and will allow us to increase customer engagement and loyalty across our entire brand,” said Mister Donut chairman, Adolfo Salume. “To increase the positive impact our mobile loyalty program has on our most loyal customers, we educated our staff to become experts with the app, and they in turn serve as the app’s ambassadors, teaching our guests how to leverage the mobile loyalty app to their benefit.”