MIT and 4th Screen Launch Text Ad Platform

Mobile Interactive Technology (MIT) and 4th Screen Advertising, both part of Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), have combined their proprietary technology to offer what they claim is the UKs first premium Ad Insertion platform, allowing MITs messaging clients to monetise trailing white space at the end of MIT SMS messages. 
Key benefits of the Ad Insertion Platform include real-time SMS advertising; an online tracking and reporting interface; and full text length parsing to maximise the range of advertising messages
The integration of 4th Screen Advertisings proprietary ad serving platform, Mpression, directly into MITs Messaging Gateway, means that both SMS and MMS messages can be delivered with an inserted ad, without disruption or latency to the original service. The Ad Insertion platform analyses each message based on available white space and Mpression intelligently serves a targeted ad in line with the consumers interests and preferences.
The speed and relevance of the messaging lends itself well to contextual advertising, the companies say, allowing multiple industry sectors such as broadcasters, media and entertainment, mobile network operators, brands and others to work hand-in-hand with key advertisers to offer targeted and engaging advertising. Mpressions analytical breakdown of statistics allows advertises to actively maintain CPC, CPA and CPM models, and effectively track and measure campaign ROI.  
Our unique experience and knowledge of delivering high volume and high speed messaging has enabled us to build a scalable Ad Insertion platform, capable of delivering 400 ads per second, says MIG CTO, Marcus Kern. MIT has one of the fastest Messaging Gateways in the industry and the partnership with sister company 4th Screen Advertising, has enabled the integration of MITs messaging Gateway with their proprietary ad serving platform Mpression. The resulting Ad Insertion platform opens up valuable new revenue streams for our messaging and billing customers.