mjelly Puts Mobile Sites on a Plate

David Murphy

mjelly, a London-based mobile Internet start-up, has launched a search and discovery directory service for mobile 2.0 sites and downloadable applications at on the PC and on mobile.
The mjelly directory lists sites that are specially formatted for mobile. Mobile-optimized sites on mjelly include those from mobile 2.0 startups like Mippin, the mobile versions of major web players such as Facebook, and those created by media companies such as the BBC. Mjelly says it  is also working with mobile marketing agencies and brands to help promote and distribute branded mobile sites and applications. 
In addition to listings of mobile web sites, mjelly provides a free applications download service for mobile software, similar to the iPhone app store, but available for a wider range of phones from other manufacturers, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola. mjelly currently supports all of the major mobile software platforms, including Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile and says it will list applications running on the new Google Android operating system when they become available.
mjelly uses a number of approaches to make it easy to find and discover mobile sites and software. Users can rate and comment on sites and applications and build a profile of their favourites to make them easy to find again. All the sites and applications in the directory are tagged into different categories and users can use social filters such as Popularity and Comments to sort through them.
The publicity around the iPhone Appstore would make you think that Apple invented the idea of downloadable applications for the mobile phone, but this simply isn't true, says mjelly Founder James Coops. There's arguably a better range of software and applications for other types of phones, but the problem is that it can be hard to find them. mjelly changes this by putting all the good apps in one place.