Mjoy Offers Free Texts For All

Mjoy.com, a mobile web portal based in Germany, is offering its users free text messages to any phone in the world, cross-network, without limitations. Additional content, including videos, pictures and audio, is also available for free on the Mjoy mobile web portal.
The Mjoy site combines free communications, shopping channels, fun videos, pictures and sounds for the mobile, and access to information on mobile web pages provided by trustworthy partners. Mjoy says it will be expanding into a growing social network over the coming months, featuring full user profiles.
Mjoy is currently running in beta mode, and the developers are inviting users to preview the  portal and free text messaging service at  www.mjoy.com. Users are also encouraged to send in their ideas, feedback, and opinions for further development.
Mjoy is operated by Venista Group, which says it is in the process of completing deals with two major German trade corporations and a partner from the content distribution business, to take their first steps on the mobile web. The company says it has bound itself to a privacy policy safeguarding the individual information of its users, and says its aim is to become a platform of value, providing all possible services that provide fun and benefit to mobile users.