MMA Awards Nominations Open

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has opened nominations for the 2007 Mobile Marketing Association Global Awards, which is describes as “the leading awards showcase for the mobile marketing and media industry.” The awards programme is hosted by the MMA, in conjunction with the MMAs Mobile Marketing Forum and Annual General Meeting, held from 14 15 November in Los Angeles. 
The 2007 Mobile Marketing Annual Global Awards is accepting nominations in the following categories:

Best Use of Mobile Marketing including: Branding; Direct Response; Promotion; Relationship Building; Product and/or Services Launch; Search Marketing; and Cross-media Integration

Innovation Award

Innovation Award for Creativity, including technology and/or media

Outstanding Individual Achievement In Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Association Award For Overall Excellence (Company and/or Committee)

Nominations are open to the public and should be submitted by email or fax prior to the nomination deadline of 14 September. The entry fee is $100 (50) per submission. Winners will be selected by the MMAs Award Selection Committee and presented at the MMA Awards Dinner on November 14, 2007 in Los Angeles. Details on how to submit nominations can be found here.
The mobile marketing industry is producing some incredibly successful
and high-level campaigns that are delivering real and measurable
results to brands and advertisers looking to foray into the exploding
mobile market, says Derek Handley, CEO of Hyperfactory,
a 2006 global winner. The MMA Global Awards gives us a chance to
showcase the hard work we are doing as a pioneer in mobile marketing
and to compete head-to-head with other players.