MMA Branches Out Into Portugal

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced that it has partnered with the Portuguese Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising Association (ACEPI) to launch MMA Portugal. 

The body has been formed with a view to establishing industry supprt and guidance and to create a successful mobile marketing ecosystem in Portugal. 

ACEPI is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to ensure that education, legislation and technologies are in place to help Portuguese businesses to profit from the digital economy, according to the organisation. 

“Portugal is an expanding mobile market and as a result, it is an important area of focus for the MMA,” says Paul Berney, CMO and MD in EMEA for MMA. “We are looking forward to working more closely with brands and agencies in Portugal to make the path to mobile campaign implementation as easy and straightforward as possible.”

Alexandre Fonseca, who is the new MMA Portugal president and also president of ACEPI, says that the MMA Portugal will help to move the mobile marketing market on in the country. “In line with the MMAs building blocks of promotion, education, measurement, guidance and protection, we will work to make the mobile marketing landscape in Portugal a lot more visible and easy to navigate,” he says.

For information on how to participate in MMA Portugal, contact the MMA membership team at