MMA Case Study: FuturLink/SEAT

The brief
Car manufacturer SEAT wanted to create buzz amongst target consumers to mark the launch of the new SEAT IBIZA CUPRA. The company turned to FuturLink to develop and execute a mobile campaign that directly engaged consumers with the new model.

SEAT tasked FuturLink with creating a mobile campaign that created excitement and interest around the launch of its new model of car, at the same time as making the user an active participant in its brand values of design, sportsmanship and quality.

FuturLink developed a CUPRA RACE CLUB SEAT application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, which was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. Based on an entertainment and communication portal promoting CLUB SEAT, a mobile portal allowing customers to access information about events, news and new brand features of the brand at any time from any place, the application allowed users to experience driving the new SEAT IBIZA CUPRA from their mobile device. Employing a powerful 3D engine, the application enabled the user to access a virtual garage where they could customise the colour of their vehicle and apply exclusive stickers to the design before choosing one of three competition modes:

1. Test Drive – trying out the circuit
2. Time Attack – beating the timer in a frantic race
3. Race Mode – competing against five expert drivers.

After the initial launch in March the contents of the application were updated periodically with new vehicles, circuits, competition modes and other new features so that consumers could use it again and again.The application was available for iPhone and iPod Touch users to download free of charge from the iTunes website from March 16th 2009.

The application achieved 43,670 downloads in three days, with German, Italian and French consumers leading the way. It received glowing reviews on a range of blogs and communities, as well as on iTunes itself.
FuturLink’s application and mobile portal enabled SEAT to position itself as an innovative brand, using a variety of different communication mechanics to establish direct contact with the consumer, taking advantage of the ubiquity of the mobile device.

MMA Viewpoint:
Mobile applications are a rapidly growing area for mobile marketers and provide a great way for brands to establish an interactive relationship with their target consumers that is based on entertainment or utility. Gaming applications have proved to be particularly popular with the arrival of the iPhone App Store and its counterparts which have galvanized the gaming market in Western Europe, according to a recent report by Juniper Research. This development in app stores is likely to lead to further growth in ad-funded or sponsored apps as marketers embrace the fact that consumers want to be in control of the content that goes onto their handsets.