MMA Case Study: Golden Gekko/Disney

David Murphy

MMMCamprockThe brief
Disney wanted to mark the DVD launch of its hit teen film ‘Camp Rock’ in Sweden, principally by driving consumer awareness of the film’s soundtrack stars. Via its pan-EMEA communications agency Carat, Disney turned to Golden Gekko to create and execute a mobile campaign that directly engaged the target audience.

The campaign had two key objectives. The first was to capture the attention of the film’s core audience, made up of teenagers and students. The second was to identify a creative means to market the launch via mobile, which would engage the audience on an interactive level and heighten the experience of the film.

Strategy and solution
Taking into account the day-to-day relevance that the mobile channel holds for the target demographic, Golden Gekko looked to employ interactive handset technology to create a fun and entertaining application that users could download to their handset and share with their friends. The application turned the handset into a rock instrument, allowing the user to play music clips and cool guitar riffs from the film. Users were also able to download free images of the cast, including US pop stars, the Jonas Brothers. This concept not only utilised the power of mobile as a direct marketing channel, but also plugged into the trend of sharing and exchanging information via mobile Internet services.
The campaign went live within three weeks of conception, including the development of the Java application, establishment of the mobile website and creation of the SMS Shortcode. The Java application was optimised and tested to work on 95% of all active mobile handsets in Sweden, representing over 400 models.
The launch of the application was marketed via banner advertising on a number of popular online social networks in Sweden, and through the inclusion of the SMS Shortcode on posters, and on the Disney website. The application was also added to top Scandinavian app stores, including Getjar, Nokia Mosh, Mobango and Mobile9.

Golden Gekko leveraged the power of mobile to develop direct engagement between Disney and its target audience. The interactive element was highly effective in meeting Disney’s main objective of raising consumer awareness of the film launch. The ability to access music and images from the film resonated effectively with the target demographic,  and was a particular success with teenagers and students. It also demonstrated how mobile can be used as a quick and effective marketing tool within a short timeframe.
The success was evident in the results the campaign garnered. During the first two months, 79,378 people downloaded the application from Sweden alone, and over 150,000 people downloaded the application from other regions - despite a clear text stating that it was only available in Swedish. Disney and Carat considered the launch a huge success.

MMA Viewpoint:
The Golden Gekko campaign for Disney clearly demonstrates the power of mobile to drive brand awareness, engaging different demographics with the interactive use of compelling and relevant content. The interesting element here is also the way in which the campaign leverages the social aspect of mobile, especially amongst teenagers, as users share the application and images. Branded applications such as this provide marketers with a rich immersive platform with which to target customers, and create a deeper level of emotional engagement and interactivity for the user, producing strong results.


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