MMA Journal Published

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published the fifth issue of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing (MMA-IJMM), an educational resource created by the MMA Academic Outreach Committee. Designed to provide information on the mobile channel and its use for marketing, it includes 10 articles from academics, industry experts, thought leaders and global contributors. The fifth installment focuses on the development of a better understanding of the who, how and why of mobile marketing.
Featured articles include:
A Five Point Measurement Framework for Mobile Advertising
Understanding and Implementing Mobile Social Advertising
Breaking Free from Dotcom Thinking in a Mobile World
Mobile Marketing: From Marketing Strategy to Mobile Marketing Campaign Implementation
Mobile Research in Marketing: Design and Implementation Issues

The IJMM provides a medium to capture all of the research currently taking place in mobile marketing, not simply one facet, as demonstrated by the breadth of papers included in this issue, says Michael Hanley, Assistant Professor of Advertising at Ball State University and Co-chair of the MMA Academic Outreach Committee. The Academic Outreach Committee is pleased to be able to present these contributions from so many industry leaders and educators who are committed to leading the growth of mobile marketing.
The IJMM is just one several resources produced by the MMA each year. Other educational tools developed to help drive the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for mobile marketing globally include:
US, APAC & EMEA Mobile Marketing Annual Attitude & Usage market research
Code of Conduct for Mobile Marketing
Consumer Best Practices (United States)
Mobile Advertising Guidelines
Mobile Marketing Industry Glossary
Mobile Advertising Overview
Understanding Mobile Marketing: Technology & Reach
Off Portal – An Introduction to the Market Opportunity
Mobile Marketing Sweepstakes & Promotions Guide
Mobile Search Use Cases
Introduction to Mobile Coupons
Introduction to Mobile Search
Short Code Primer
MMA Member Directory

All of these are all downloadable from the MMA website.
The MMA Academic Outreach Committee is led by Michael J. Becker from iLoop Mobile and Michael Hanley, Ball State University. The MMA-IJMM is published twice     a year and is only available through subscription via the MMA website. For more information on the journal, to submit articles or to buy a copy, head for the MMA website.