MMA Makes Brazilian Move

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced the acquisition of the Brazilian association for mobile marketing, the AMMB (Associao de Mobile Marketing do Brasil). The partnership doubles the number of MMA members in Brazil and brings membership globally to more than 750.
Brazil is a leading South American light when it comes to mobile marketing and advertising. This union of the AMMB and MMA is an important step towards region-wide industry collaboration to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for all, under the auspices of the MMA, says MMA Global Chairman, Federico Pisani Massamormile. Bearing in mind the progress that the MMA has already made in Brazil and Latin America over the past year, rapidly increasing membership and launching region-specific guidelines for example, the additional strength that this union brings can only spell greater success for the industry.  
The agreement with the AMMB follows a period of MMA activity in Brazil and Latin America over the past year, including the launch of operator-backed Consumer Best Practices for the Brazilian market; a partnership with the Intenret Advertising Bureau (IAB) in relation to its global Mobile Advertising Guidelines; and several successful local Mobile Marketing Forum events. The integration of the AMMBs membership adds a range of agencies such as CycleLogic, media companies such as SBT, and brands such as Visa Vale to the existing MMA membership base.
You can access the Brazilian Consumer Best Practices and global Mobile Advertising Guidelines here.